A cambio de nada



Dario, a sixteen-year-old boy, enjoys life with Luismi, his neighbor and soulmate friend. They have an unconditional friendship, having known each other since childhood, and together they have discovered everything they know about life. After his parents’ separation, Dario runs away from home and starts working in Caralimpia’s workshop, an old crook with a sense of triumph, who teaches him the trade and the benefits of life. Dario also meets Antonia, an elderly woman who collects abandoned furniture with her motorcart. By her side, he discovers another way of seeing life. Luismi, Caralimpia, and
Antonia become his new family during a summer that will change their lives.

Technical Details

Title: A cambio de nada
Year: 2015
Genre: Drama / Adolescence
Duration: 93 min
Nacionality: Spain
Directed by: Daniel Guzmán
Screenplay: Daniel Guzmán
Cinematography: Josu Inchaustegui
Cast: Miguel Herrán, Antonio Bachiller, Luis Tosar, María Miguel, Antonia Guzmán, Felipe Vélez, Patricia Santos, Miguel Rellán, Fernando Albizu, Sebastián Haro, Roberto Álvarez, Luis Zahera, Álex Barahona, Lara Sajén, Mariano Llorente, Carlos Olalla, Beatriz Argüello, Iris Alpáñez, Adelfa Calvo, Manolo Caro.