A la diestra del cielo: Silvio, un cantaor rockero



Musically framed in rock and fusion, the figure of Silvio Fernández Melgarejo was that of a legendary character. His fame extended across all social levels of Seville, while earning him the reputation of a cult musician in the rest of the country. This documentary tells his story and his life full of excesses and genius.

Technical Details

Title: A la diestra del cielo: Silvio, un cantaor rockero.
Year: 2007
Genre: Documental
Duration: 90 min
Nacionality: Spain
Directed by: Francisco Bech
Screenplay: Francisco Bech, José ‘Pive’ Amador, Álvaro Begines
Cinematography: Daniel Mauri
Cast: Silvio, Eva Fernández, Narci Fernández, Gualberto, Antonio Smash, Gonzalo García Pelayo, Carolyn Williams, Manuel Vázquez, José Lobo, José ‘Pive’ Amador, Rockberto, Ricardo Pachón, Pepe Begines, Javier García Pelayo, Luz Casal, Alberto García-Alix, Carlos Amigo Vallejo, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Juanjo Pizarro, Sam Fernández, Andrés ‘El Pájaro’ Herrera.