Un mundo cuadrado



Southern Marshes. 1990s. A small lost town. Without roots. Without police. Without laws. Without even a cemetery. A contemporary world, but far from any remnants of civilization. A world squared by the structure of its lands, streets, and houses, but also by the ideas of the people who inhabit it. A world where nobody cares about anyone, A world where the oldest law, that of the strongest, has always prevailed. But one night, everything will change. After the murder of a boy, a rock band formed by a group of young people from the town, guided by their thirst for revenge, will decide to take control of their world, creating a very particular organization that will stop at nothing and no one until they fulfill their objective: to change the world..

Technical Details

Title: Un mundo cuadrado
Year: 2011
Production Company: La Zanfoña
Genre: Drama / Adolescence
Duration: 92 min
Nationality: Spain
Directed by: Álvaro Begines
Screenplay: Álvaro Begines, Miguel Ángel Carmona
Script development: La Mirada Oblicua
Music: Manuel Ruiz del Corral
Cinematography: Nicolás Pinzón
Cast: Samuel Galiardo, Jesús Carroza, Rocío Peláez, Juanfra Juárez, Juan Carlos Sánchez, Sebastián Haro, Manolo Monteagudo, Marisol Membrillo, Alejandro Astola