¿Por qué se frotan las patitas?



In a single day, Luis is abandoned by all the women in his life. His daughter, his wife, and his mother all leave him. His mother runs away with some squatters, and his daughter is in love with one of them. Meanwhile, his father-in-law is secretly involved with his mother. With the help of a quirky detective, Luis will track them down on the beaches of Garraf, Sitges.

Technical Details

Title: ¿Por qué se frotan las patitas?
Year: 2006
Production Company: Tesela y La Zanfoña
Genre: Comedia / Musical
Duration: 105 min
Nacionality: Spain
Directed by: Álvaro Begines
Screenplay: Álvaro Begines
Script development: La Mirada Oblicua
Music: Manuel Ruiz
Cinematography: Juan Carlos Gómez
Cast: Lola Herrera, Antonio Dechent, Carlos ÁlvarezNovoa, Manuel Morón, Raúl Arévalo, Julia García, William Miller